Growing Gersh Academy at West Hills

An aerial photo of green lawns and trees around an outdoor theater, swimming pools and a school building!

Our West Hills campus is expanding to a full K-12 program serving students ages 5-23.

As we look towards the future and the next steps for our West Hills, Long Island campus, we are excited to share that we will be expanding our Gersh Academy High School program at West Hills to a full Gersh Academy K-23 therapeutic program. Helping as many children as possible is what we do, and post-pandemic, there are so many more children on the spectrum who will need our support as they navigate returning to a school building.

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A Campus Experience

The beautiful 18-acre West Hills campus is equipped with extensive facilities, grounds, greenhouses and gardens, recreation spaces and more – making it the perfect place to create a safe, welcoming and engaging school environment for Gersh Academy students of all ages. From Kindergarten to high school, our students will have the support, instruction and care necessary to succeed.

Continuing to Grow

Our West Hills Campus is also home to West Hills Academy, a unique school for students with varying social, emotional, and behavioral needs. For information on this program, visit westhillsacademy.com

We look forward to growing our West Hills campus and opening it up to more students. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we make this transition.

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