Gersh Students on Virtual Class Social Clubs

Making Connections in Gersh Academy’s Social Clubs

Check out the Gersh Academy Social Clubs, where students connect virtually around social and learning activities, giving them the opportunity to practice vital social skills and enjoy activities with friends and peers.
Autism Parenting Magazine Cover

Changing the Landscape of Special Education Across the US

Explore how Gersh Academy has been leading the charge towards a more successful teaching model for individuals on the autism spectrum.
Autism Parenting Magazine Cover

Should I Send My Child to a Special Education School?

Kevin Gersh authors an article featured in Autism Parenting Magazine that explores the many benefits of sending children to a specialized school for autism, and how it can differ from other environments.
Horse and Caretaker Bonding

The Important Relationships Between Animals and Students on the Spectrum

It’s a well-known fact that having a pet, or spending time with an animal, can have numerous benefits on a person’s mental and physical well-being. Explore how animals benefit individuals on the spectrum specifically.
Family together at the beach

How to Support Your Child During Distance Learning and COVID-19

As this pandemic continues, as a parent, you likely feel like you’re on an island with your child. Here are some tips from our teachers on how best to support your child during this time.
A family hugging in a field

How to Support Social Emotional Needs of Your Children and Yourself

Learn how to tune in to the social and emotional needs of our children and ourselves, and come out of this with strong bonds and enhanced resilience.
Student Cheering During Distance Learning Session

Why Virtual Learning Might Benefit Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

Learn how teachers and parents have been reporting higher engagement and success in online learning than they previously thought.

How to Combat Possible Covid-19 Learning Regression

Learn how you can combat COVID-19 related learning regression while still having plenty of time to do what you still need to do.

Distance Learning at Gersh

Distance learning is a hit at Gersh Academy! Check out some of the great moments here.
Framed Image of Gersh Academy Students and Their Tecahers on Pajama Day

Autism is … [VIDEO]

Hear from our staff, students, and families about the many ways in which autism has touched our lives and made us into the people we are today.
Runner Representing Gersh Academy in the NYC Marathon

Gersh in the NYC Marathon

Gersh Academy had the honor of being represented in the NYC Marathon by marathon runner, Christopher Arocho.

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