Soft Skill Training

The focus of the Soft Skill Training, or Transferable Job Skill Training, for BASE and IAIC students is to learn the skills applicable to all environments. These skills range from how to interact appropriately with a supervisor to how to independently fulfill responsibilities. Soft Skill training is a theme throughout the student’s day and becomes more in depth as a student moves into Middle School and then High School. Gersh Academy teaches these skills to all of our students because the mastery of these skills has been identified as one of the most important indicators of success later in life.

Job Exposure

The focus of Job Exposure is to allow BASE and IAIC students to learn, observe and experience many of the careers that are available to them in their communities. This is a very important part of the Vocational Curriculum as exposure and understanding of different careers is crucial to making informed career decisions. This exposure is done through in-class curriculum, vocational tours and job sampling.

Job Seeking Skill Training

Along with preparing BASE and IAIC students to make an informed decision in a career of their choice, Gersh Academy also provides them with the skills to independently seek and secure a position they are interested in. Students in each level and program work on the skills that are most appropriate for them. Job Seeking Skill training starts in Elementary School and as they enter High School students spend more time on these skills since they are the closest to having to apply then after graduation.

Job Specific Skill Training

Gersh Academy works with students of all ages to allow them to learn skills that are specific to a career they want to pursue when they get older. This preparation could include teaching someone interested in a culinary field specific cutting and cooking techniques to someone interested in computer programming a programming language. This is not a program or age-specific offering and is individualized and offered to students whom it is appropriate for.

Employment Training Program

Gersh Academy is an approved Office for People with Developmental Disabilities Employment (OPWDD) Training Program High School and an approved National Community Partner of the TJ Maxx Companies. Partnerships such as these provide Gersh Academy students the opportunity to intern at local, national and international businesses operating on Long Island. Interns work with an Employment Specialist to gain an individualized internship that builds the skills needed to pursue fully integrated and competitive employment upon graduation. They learn real work skills including job specific tasks, technology, employment standards and work culture at a local business with the opportunity to earn a real paycheck during their final two years in High School!

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