Social skills are used when communicating with other people but can be challenging for children on the autism spectrum. At Gersh Academy, we work on these social skills such as social interaction and social communication.

  • Social Skills Classes: All students enrolled in Gersh Academy participate in Social Skill classes that are built into their schedule. The content varies by age and program but the overall goal is to provide students with the skills they need to make friends and have meaningful relationships.
  • Clubs: Friday is Club Day for students at Gersh Academy! Students come together and participate in a variety of clubs, such as art, cooking, Lego, movie, nail & hair, scratch programming, sensory, sewing, sports, Wii Fit and yearbook. The purpose of these clubs is for the students to make connections with their classmates outside the classroom environment as well as to foster and build social skills in different settings.
  • Onsite Events: Throughout the year, Gersh Academy students participate in a variety of on-site events that include dances, cultural celebrations, science fairs and holiday celebrations that foster social skills and allow students to experience non-academic related content. These events allow the students to work together as a school community. They also create an environment for students to interact with their friends and teachers from school in an appropriate and independent manner.


Gersh Academy believes that regardless of functioning level or age it is important for all students to learn independent living skills including self-care, travel training and AOL skills. These lessons are built into the students’ programming. Lessons are taught in classroom and school environments as well as in the community to ensure mastery and generalization. As students progress into Middle School and High School, activities become more advanced and skills covered more in-depth, preparing them for the next steps of their lives.

Our daughter did not want to go school before Gersh Academy, she was absent a lot. Within the first few months she developed a nice feeling of trust with the staff where she was very willing to go to school. They don’t reprimand or use a reward system they are all just warm and understanding which is what she needs and I think every child needs. Intellectually I see her flourishing because she is much less anxious so she’s able to concentrate better. We feel very fortunate to have found a nice safe, warm, inviting atmosphere for our daughter.”

Jane R.


All students enrolled in Gersh Academy spend a significant amount of time in the community each month. Skills such as waiting, turn taking and greeting others are strengthened while the students have fun at museums, plays or restaurants. Other skills are also covered, such as community safety and sign recognition. Students will continue to build on their community independence and start learning different modes of transportation and how to utilize them appropriately. The overall goal is to make sure our students are comfortable and safe in the community.

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