Gersh Academy NY Graduation 2021

Congratulations to the Gersh Academy Class of 2021!

Thank you to our students, parents, and staff for an amazing year. We were moved by the graduates’ incredible speeches and are excited for the bright futures ahead of you all. Your hard work and dedication got you to this point and will take you even further. 

We also applaud the Class of 2020, who came back this year be recognized for their achievements in person! Stay tuned for more photos and videos from the celebration! 

Founder Kevin Gersh, in a grey suit, stands at a podium in front of graduates in blue caps and gowns, giving a speech.

A Message from Founder Kevin Gersh

Gersh Academy was built on the foundation that when you do what is right for a child, they will thrive!  We approach education in a customized way, ensuring that our students are set up for success inside and outside the classroom. This is possible through a strong partnership with our parents, the community, and our students.  2020 was no exception!  As the world dealt with a pandemic forcing everyone into lockdown, we found a way to continue to educate and support our students who needed us more than ever.  Through distance learning and in-home support, our students met and exceeded our expectations. 

I am extremely proud of this year’s graduating class; I know they will go out and change the world. 

Congratulations class of 2021!

Kevin Gersh
CEO/Founder/Chief Autism Officer

Students Reflect on their School Experience

Students from the graduating class of 2020 joined the seniors graduating this year to celebrate their achievements in person. The students were thrilled to be recognized for their hard work and perseverance, but they also took the time to reflect on their journey and thank the family and teachers that supported them. 

One student remembered, “When I started at Gersh, I was shy at first. After a while, I got used to it thanks to my new friends that I made at Gersh and the new staff I bonded with. They helped me learn and become confident in myself and my abilities.”

The valedictorian smiles as he reads his graduation speech from a podium.

The 2021 Valedictorian of the class reflected on how his journey had started off with stress when he transferred from another school, acknowledging the staff that worked with him to get the credits he needed to graduate and complete the NY Regents exams. 

In a touching moment, the last student who stood up to speak was giving a speech for the first time in his life, in front of his friends and family, Using a speech device, his words echoed across the auditorium to his awestruck parents and grandparents.

“I am a young man of few words but many feelings,” he said. “I love my family and I would not be here today without them. I have become the man I am because of my family and their support.”

He went on to thank some of his favorite teachers for their care and compassion, ending with, “To all of my Gersh friends and family, thank you for everything. Congrats to the class of 2021, we did it!”

A Family Event

The school’s celebration also recognized the students moving up from the 8th grade who are about to begin their own high school journey. The students and their parents cheered as they were recognized for their hard work.

After the ceremony, lunch was served outside so that families could take a moment to relax and appreciate their students’ successes. Between smiles and tears, it was a good day all around.

Thank you to all the parents, staff and of course, our students, who participated! 

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