Distance Learning at Gersh

Continuing our Life-Changing Education from Home

Distance learning is a hit at Gersh Academy! It makes us so happy to hear from our parents and our staff across the country that they are successfully adapting to a new way of educating our students. Seeing the smiling faces on our kids helps us know we are on the right path. Check out some of the great moments below!

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Student using a ‘share control’ feature to solve a Math problem. This student went above and beyond the asked solution and even simplified the improper fraction to a mixed number! Great Job!
Gersh Academy West Hempstead principal reading the students a story during the morning announcements.
Teacher stays behind after class with a student struggling with a sick grandfather for a fun 1:1 Karaoke session! 
Check out this work station! One of our students working hard in his distance learning classes using two computers. Great job! 
Hey, we know them! Our West Hills staff conducting a staff meeting from the comfort of their homes.
The learning never stops! Great job from our students completing this Geometry assignment together using the “share control” feature in our classes.

We are working around the clock to continue to innovate and develop new and more effective strategies at distance learning for special education. We are a team that welcomes the unknown and strives to accomplish what hasn’t been done before, so we are excited to see the ways in which we can continue to better support our staff and students! 


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