Moving Beyond Awareness

Kevin Gersh Congratulating a Gersh Academy Graduate

Gersh Autism is committed to making April not only “Autism Awareness Month” but a month of acceptance and understanding. We believe that empowering each child to thrive makes for a better, more inclusive world.

April is Autism Awareness Month, a month in which we celebrate those on the spectrum and spread information on autism. However, we at Gersh Autism believe that simple “awareness” is not enough. Awareness, while an important early step, implies, “Acknowledge we exist, and then your job is done.”

Gersh Autism’s vision is “a world where individuals on the autism spectrum are empowered to thrive.” This month, we begin a campaign to make April a month of acceptance and understanding. It is our mission to go beyond simple awareness, and to encourage others to accept and understand that those on the spectrum do have some differences, and may need some accommodations because of those differences. However, those accommodations are minimal in comparison to the positive impact this population lends to our society as a whole. 

Read more about Gersh Autism’s vision for the month of April and the ongoing work we are doing in service of it. 

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