At Gersh Academy, we do not subscribe to one style of teaching or approach to learning, as we understand that each child is unique. We believe every child deserves the opportunity to grow and thrive in the school setting, as well as in the community and home. Our teachers identify the type of thinker and learner each student is, allowing them to develop a program for him or her that ensures success. Whether a student is a verbal, auditory, photo-realistic and/or pattern thinker, we customize a program that meets his or her needs. Through a myriad of approaches, we teach, support and guide students to meet their own individual potential and personal best.

Collaborative Approach

We employ a collaborative approach with a team of professionals focused on a program that works best for each student. Frequent communication and meetings between staff and parents, working together toward the same goal, have proven to be very successful in our students’ growth.

Real-Time Functional Therapy

The philosophy, clinical approach and practical methodology of our proprietary system, Real-Time Functional Therapy (RTFT) is based on, and was developed in collaboration with, leading experts in the fields of psychology, human behavior and learning disabilities. This methodology sets Gersh Academy apart from similar programs. Addressing a challenge as it occurs has been significantly more effective than having the student wait for a therapy session that may be scheduled hours or even days after the challenge arose.

New York State Standards

Although Gersh Academy’s approach is individualized, our curriculum is aligned to New York State Learning Standards. In addition, we work collaboratively with school districts in developing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and preparing students to transition back to their home schools when ready. We also provide the following services:

  • Professional development workshops
  • Parent training
  • Social skills training
  • Curriculum development
  • Transition planning

At Gersh Academy, we believe that all children can thrive when they are in the right environment and given the right support. When they are not progressing as well as they can and should, we work collaboratively with them to identify and remove the obstacles to their success.

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