Our daughter did not want to go school before Gersh Academy, she was absent a lot. Within the first few months she developed a nice feeling of trust with the staff where she was very willing to go to school. They don’t reprimand or use a reward system they are all just warm and understanding which is what she needs and I think every child needs. Intellectually I see her flourishing because she is much less anxious so she’s able to concentrate better. We feel very fortunate to have found a nice safe, warm, inviting atmosphere for our daughter.” – Jane R.

At Gersh Academy we feel like we are among family, like we are at home. We know that our son is comfortable, it is a very nurturing place. Academically he is flourishing and socially he is much more outgoing; more comfortable in his own skin and his surroundings. Since coming to Gersh Academy he is more verbal. He used to give us one word answers and now he tells us what’s going on.” – Anthony M.

The teachers are great, they are able to customize the lessons towards the students strengths. There’s nothing better than seeing the excitement in the air, the smiles, creativeness and teamwork. Gersh Academy gives the gift that keeps giving, “ENDLESS ADVENTURES.” – Donna B.

You guys rock! I can’t imagine my son attending any other school. Thank you for everything” – Jose R.

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