What Makes us Different

Aside from the award-winning programs and services available to Gersh Academy students all across the world, each location has something extra that makes it unique to the community it serves. Below are a few of the things that make Gersh Academy Puerto Rico special:

Community-Based Interaction

A huge part of what makes Gersh Academy Puerto Rico so special is it’s focus on community-based activites and interactions. Aside from some of the best educational and vocational training in the industry, students are immersed in the world as it is – to learn and explore the way any other student would.

Since its founding, Gersh Academy Puerto Rico has become a staple in the already close-knit community. Our students have participated in a variety of large public events such as walks, beach runs, fundraisers and more! Students work in the community, as well, holding jobs at many of the local businessess and interacting daily with their community. It is through this interaction and immersion that our students learn the social skills necessary to succeed on their own.

Adaptive Physical Education

Our physical education program is specially designed to meet the individualized fine and gross motor skill needs to encourage participation in age-appropriate physical activities. We have a certified adaptive physical education teacher with vast experience with the population of children with Autism. The teacher creates the individualized physical education program goals by gathering information from physical and occupational evaluations and performing thorough assessments. The program is provided in a small group setting inside a fully equipped gymnasium.

The physical education program also includes surfing, swimming and paddle boarding lessons. The water provides immense therapeutic benefits for our students such as stronger muscles, increased balance, better range of motion, sensory integration and modulation. All Gersh Academy Puerto Rico locations have beach access or are situated close to one, allowing for ease of use and transportation.

Vocational Training and Transition Planning

While all of our locations provide a robust and effective vocational and transition program, Gersh Academy Puerto Rico places an extra emphasis on nurtuting independence in our students and preparing them to be functioning and productive members of their community after graduation.

Vocational and social skills training and practice are provided on and off campus. Students participate in a variety of work and volunteer activities within the community. These activities are designed to not only provide students with exposure to a variety of work experiences, but also to engender concepts of generosity and service. Moreover, vocational opportunities offer students the opportunity to work with peers and adults in settings in which expectations vary from those at home or school.

As students approach adulthood, an emphasis is placed on the importance of transition planning. Regular community based instruction opportunities are offered based on students’ individual need. These needs may include job experience, vocational training, development of recreational skills, and development of self-help and independent living skills.

Vocational Partners:
  • Doubletree Hotel
  • Ricky Martin Foundation
  • Churchs Chicken
  • La Cueva del Mar
  • Palm Hotel
  • Marriott Courtyard
  • Barbacoa
  • SuperMax
  • And many others…

Gersh Academy Academics

All Gersh Academy school locations benefit from a standardized academics program. Students at Gersh Academy Puerto Rico receive all of the same award-winning academics offerings, vocational training, social and life skills training, and transition planning that Gersh Academy students across the world receive.

Use the links below to learn more about our National Academics offerings:

Academics Vocational Social and Life Skills Therapeutic Services

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