Gersh Academy International is Puerto Rico’s largest and first billingual specialized school for children diagnosed with Autism.

Who We Are

Gersh Academy Inc. was founded over twenty years ago by Kevin Gersh, a celebrated entrepreneur with a passion for providing support and guidance to students with unique needs who are often left behind by traditional educational systems. In 2012, Kevin Gersh and Sheila Fridman, M.Ed., joined forces to change the lives of children and young adults with Autism in Puerto Rico by providing customized education that will help these individuals gain the skills necessary to navigate society as independent as possible.

Who We Serve

Gersh Academy Puerto Rico offers students ages five to twenty-one a customized education program based on their individual needs. Students receive a combination of 1:1 and group instruction. For students who need a higher degree of support, programming focuses primarily on a functional/vocational skills curriculum. The greatest concentration is placed on developing and increasing communication, daily living, socialization and vocational competence with instruction in core curriculum subjects.

Quick Stats

95% of students leave Gersh Academy with a minimum of a local diploma, with many going on to college or entering the workforce.

80% of non-verbal students are able to communicate either verbally or via technology by the time they graduate from Gersh Academy.

80% of our high school students have jobs outside of Gersh Academy, as part of our vocational programs.

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