Autism is … [VIDEO]

Framed Image of Gersh Academy Students and Their Tecahers on Pajama Day

All throughout April, we’re sharing what Autism means to us. Hear the incredible stories of our staff, students, families and friends about how loving an individual on the autism spectrum has shaped their lives for the better.

April is the month of autism awareness, acceptance and understanding. We have been changing the lives of families and individuals on the autism spectrum for over 30 years, and we wanted to share who we are as an organization and what brought us to do the work that we do.

View the videos below to learn more about how autism has shaped the lives of each one of our staff members, the real stories of people growing up with siblings or children on the spectrum, the organizations and businesses that have opened their doors to our students and the ways in which we’re challenging the greater community to join us and help give all individuals a chance. Our vision is a world where individuals on the autism spectrum are empowered to thrive, and we’re happy to see the incredible progress we’ve made so far.


Hear about the incredible organizations hiring our students on the autism spectrum and our extensive vocational program. Kevin Gersh issues a challenge to other businesses to open their doors to our students. What will you do to empower individuals on the spectrum this year?


We spoke to some of our very own Gersh Team members about their experiences growing up with children and siblings on the autism spectrum. Enjoy the video and learn how loving an individual on the autism spectrum shaped the lives of our own staff.


Our Family is growing! Introducing a new Gersh Academy Location opening on Long Island! Hear from our West Hills Director about her experience growing up with a wonderful sibling on the autism spectrum and how it shaped her career.


Autism is … Adventure! We wrapped up our Autism Is campaign with the sensory-friendly event of the century: Autism Day at Six Flags Great Adventure. Check out the recap video!

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