West Hempstead Campus Remains Open

Gersh Academy West Hempstead Building

Dear Gersh Academy Parents and Guardians,

You may have heard today that the New York City Department of Education has temporarily moved to remote learning. At this time, West Hempstead will remain open and your children will continue to be transported to West Hempstead through the Office of Pupil Transportation. Your child’s morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off will remain the same.

We will continue to monitor the daily Covid-19 data and will make the appropriate decision to move to full-time remote learning if necessary.

As a reminder, Gersh Academy will be full remote learning for the week following Thanksgiving (November 30- December 4) and the week following Winter Break (January 4- January 8).

Thank you for your understanding, as always, and best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Warm regards,

Shari Senzer,


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