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Our Staff

Our team of professionals include intervention specialists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, behavioral specialists and consultants, special education teachers, content specialists, a physical education teacher as well as art, music and dance instructors. The school is led by an administrative team consisting of a Principal, therapeutic and vocational professionals. This leadership team develops programs, supports staff, works with families, and promotes best practices. All members of this faculty believe in the Gersh philosophy and strive to provide a rich, authentic, nurturing environment for each student enabling them to reach their full potential socially, emotionally and academically.

Gersh Academy team

Meet the people helping to bring our vision to life.
Kevin Gersh - Founder

"Our philosophy is we don't ask children to change who they are for the classroom structure. We adapt to them." – Kevin Gersh

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Diana DeVivio - Principal

"I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team of educators, families and staff all dedicated to excellence and change to impact the lives of our students. Gersh Academy is a warm and wonderful community sincerely dedicated to all we serve!" – Diana DeVivio

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Karen Tarricone - Assistant Principal

"I love the difference we make at Gersh Academy! With the magic created by being able to think 'outside the box' we are giving these kids the education and support they need and deserve." – Karen Tarricone

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James Muller - Assistant Principal

"The warm and loving approach at Gersh is what makes it so special and so different from other schools for children with autism. Kindness and warmth are two very important values at Gersh. They make all the difference. We also work hard to incorporate the voice of the child, as is evident in the collaborative problem solving model we utilize. We don't dictate to our kids - we work with them." – James Muller

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James Wallace - Transition Coordinator

"Working at the Gersh Academy has been a wonderful experience. After 9/11 I realized that I needed to make a career change. I realized that preparing students and young adults to live happy, productive, independent lives is what made me the happiest and fulfilled. My position at Gersh Academy permits me to do all those things every day." – James Wallace

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